Quick, healthy food, screaming and a cranky baby – Family blog roundup #4

Looking for family-related writings? Look no further. Here’s the latest round of our recommended readings from the AreaVoices blog community. BTW, if you’re a Twitter fan, follow AreaVoices on Twitter –> @areavoices.

"The Weeknight Survival Cookbook"

MS. Simplicity tries out the book “The Weeknight Survival Cookbook: How to Make Healthy Meals in 10 Minutes” –> Read it.

– MinivanMom gets a little taste of the childhood medicine she dished out via one of her twins … and he’s not even 2 yet! –> Read it.

– The Village Family Service Center addresses “The Impact of Money on Relationships” –> Read it.

– And Modern-Day Jane says: “Screaming is for Lazy People” –> Read it.

Got suggestions for the round-up? Leave a comment and let us know.

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