Resolution Wrap-Up: Did the Organizing Spree Last?

     Well, I’m writing to report in on my organization project for January. I am proud to say my upstairs is completely organized and is actually managing to stay such. My basement, however, is another matter. I did about 2/3 of it before my doctor ordered to me to cut back on my activity. Fortunately I got the hardest 2/3 done before this time came. What is left are things like my TV cabinet, the closet full of baby gear, and another full of blankets we never use. The baby gear I know is about to be gone through, so I’m not too worried about that. The TV stand is going to be replaced soon, so that will take care of itself too. As for the blankets? Well, we’ll deal with that when the time comes. I love rationalizing my inability to complete a project!
     As for what I learned over the course of this month, the main thing really was, keep a list! My list of every closet/drawer/ cabinet really kept me motivated. I got to the point where I looked forward to crossing stuff off each time. However, I also learned you might as well start another list, one of the little projects you run into along the way. This way you don’t get sidetracked. For instance, as I cleaned the future nursery closet out, I found a tote of toddler clothes. Instead of sorting it and extending the time allotted for the nursery closet, I started a second list of things to do after the main house was done.
     What has surprised me most of all was the fact that things are STAYING organized. It’s almost like in Field of Dreams, but instead of dead baseball players showing up on my lawn, objects are miraculously returning to their allotted spaces. “If you organize it, your husband will follow.” Does that mean it was really needed? Possibly. More likely, things were put in logical places at last. Yes, I always wondered why I tried to cram my shoes and my broom together in a closet despite getting whacked in the head by the broom every time I left the house.
     Even more shocking is that my 2 year old is getting on board and is showing real progress in the ‘picking up toys’ department each night. As long as I do it with him, he is all for putting stuff away. He has even caught on that his toy veggies go in his toy fridge.
     One thing I wish I did have right now is a labeler. I’m not normally that anal, but with being on and off of bed rest, my husband and other family have picked up the slack on various cleaning activities. It would be much easier if they could simply open a closet door and have all the baskets labeled for them. I’m under the impression this would be even more awesome for a family with reading children or who is always on the go. As for me, my husband recently received my birthday wish list for Amazon, complete with labeler….let’s see if he goes for it. LOL
     The last thing I learned is to not fight clutter so hard. If you have a spot where things pile up, look at the stuff in the pile and determine if maybe if should be allocated to something specific and simply make it neater. In our house, it’s the buffet counter. There’s always various mail, wallets, cell phones, etc. spread out across it. Instead of trying to change a pretty deeply ingrained habit (believe me I tried), I worked to make it nicer. I found a decorative basket that all the small stuff like coupons and gadgets get tossed into as we walk by each day. For the mail, which tends to stack up when my hubby travels, I put a folder on the counter that I can easily toss in a drawer when I want it out of sight. Every week or so I take the folder, go through it, and file what I need to.
     All in all, I’d say my project was a success, despite the bed-rest set back. If I’d been able to work the whole month, I know I would’ve easily finished the whole. (The garage is HIS department!) I’ve been allowed more activity again so I’ve started to do brief organizing projects in the basement to complete the rest of the list and work things so I can do them sitting down. I call it ‘lazy work’ and I’m working on making it into an art-form!

If you’ve got a toddler heading for a big bed, watch for my next blog next week: A Week in Transition-Our Adventure in moving to the Big Boy Bed.