Doing Nothing All Day

Being a stay home mom, I commonly hear, “It must be nice to do nothing all day.”  And you know what, the naysayers are right, it is awesome to do nothing all day. Just to rub it in, I’ll explain just how full of ‘nothingness’ my day is. I suppose it will make some people jealous, but hey, if you’re lucky enough to live the life of luxury- why not brag about it?

My day of nothing starts out around 6 a.m. when I wake up to my son at his room door crooning, “Mommy”. Sometimes I hear this serenade at 3 am, which then means I go snuggle on the couch for a book and some milk, until he hopefully goes back to sleep for the night. Don’t worry, he will still be up at 6 a.m. The morning ‘chiming’ is followed by a half hour of light exercise which involves chasing my son around the house to get him to let me change his diaper.

After calisthenics I prepare a light breakfast for Ry, as well as one for myself, but by the time mine is ready to eat he will be busily climbing out of his chair. My meal is left on the counter to ‘cool down’. I consider this part of my diet plan.

The next part of my day varies between some light hobbies-mopping, dusting, dishes, etc- or a little relaxing shopping-armed with coupons, reusable bags, snacks, extra milk and an energy bar to help keep up with my son. Sometimes I even have room for groceries in my cart. If I opt for cleaning, I can be sure to have plenty of help from the little guy, he is awesome at redistributing the dirt piles as I sweep them up.

Lunch time is much like breakfast. After lunch my son and I sit down to watch a riveting movie, usually Toy Story or Finding Nemo. I have seen the first 30 minutes of these movies repeatedly- I am still working on seeing the rest. I had thought about eating bon-bons during this, but if I get up, my son gets up. I also make sure to leave the computer put away at this time, if not my son will try to push it away. He doesn’t like anything that resembles work.  He makes certain to keep me on my path of nothingness.

After a LOT of playtime throughout the afternoon, involving everything from bowling to legos, we begin supper. We decided we could eat out, but going out seems like so much work when we could cook from scratch. After supper I clean up the dishes so my kitchen is fresh for the morning because to me, there is nothing worse than waking up to a dirty kitchen.

The rest of the evening is playtime, bath time, and eventually, bedtime. After my son is in bed, I spend 20 minutes or so pampered myself with a glass of milk and I’m off myself into the nice cool sheets of our bed, ready to rest up and start all over the next day.

Of course I scatter other fun and relaxing things throughout my day, including some reading (of mail), writing (of checks to pay bills), and snacking (Fruit Loops). I also run my photography business.  I feel sorry for other moms and dads who can’t enjoy this level of luxury, but I definitely understand that they resent me. It must be very hard to get up, dress your kids, take them to daycare, work with adults all day, buy some fast food and vegetate in front of the TV, I honestly don’t think I could ever do it. It’s WAY too much work for someone who likes to do ‘Nothing’ all day like me. On the plus side, I bet the house stays cleaner if no one uses it all day.

Next time someone asks how I can stand to be home with just a two year old all day I guess I know what my answer will be: “Oh, it’s nothing.”

**I know not everyone stereotypes Stay Home moms this way, just as not everyone who works is the same, I know it can be VERY hard to go to work and trust someone else with your child and I feel for you-this is my answer for those that are ‘stereotyping’ unfairly.**

8 thoughts on “Doing Nothing All Day

  1. Really liked the blog. I too, do “nothing” all day long. You forgot to mention all the “coffee breaks” we get. And my favorite, sneaking around to eat a chocolate bar so my child does not see it and want half.

  2. I have three kids and sometimes I marvel at the amount of money people pay daycares or nannies to do nothing.

    • I do buy candy once in a while and hide it. Then I eat it in secret like someone with an eating disorder. I used to use my “coffee breaks” to take a break and read or catch up with friends for 10 minutes, now no “coffee breaks”.

      • Too funny- we stay homes are practically CIA agents in the stuff we learn to sneak around. I’m usually hiding anythign good from my hubby though…he can reach the counter.

  3. I too am a stay home mom of a 3 1/2 year old and a 17 year old. You forgot to mention running to school, running for sports among dishes, laundry, baths etc……I know exactly what you feel like. And I believe a stay home mom is the best rewarding job a mom could ask for. At the end of the day when you get your hugs and kisses and hear,”I love you mom” to that is the best paycheck a mom could ask for.

    • My 2 yr hasn’t graduated me to ‘soccer mom’ status yet with school stuff, but I can only imagine life is going to get even busier. I decided against listing EVERYTHING I did all day, there just isn’t enough room on a page 🙂

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