Keep your eyes open and your windows shut!

With this week being National Window Safety Week (April 3rd-9th), we believe it’s important to remind you that placing a crib, changing table or even a chair next to a window might offer your child a nice view outside, but be careful.  Window falls can happen to anyone and in some cases may be deadly.  Active Adult supervision is always required around open windows, no matter the distance to the ground or how far open the window is.  Toddlers have been known to fall out of windows open as little as five inches. 

 Every year, window falls account for 12 childhood deaths and 4,000 injuries for children under 10 years old.  We strongly recommend window guards on all windows above the first floor, preferably guards equipped with an emergency release device in case of fire. 

 Do not view screens as a safety device, it is only designed to keep insects out, not children in.  Proper safety guards on windows save lives, and have shown to reduce window fall-related deaths by up to 35 percent as found in a pilot program in New York City.  In an apartment in a high-rise building, window guards should be considered essential safety equipment. 

 Install window guards to prevent children from falling out of windows.  For windows above the first floor, install window guards with an emergency release device in case of fire.

  • Install window stops so that windows open no more than 4 inches.
  • Keep windows locked and closed when they are not being used.
  • Keep furniture away from windows so kids can’t climb to the ledge.
  • If you have double-hung widows – the kind that open down from the top as well as up from the bottom – it’s generally safer to open the top pane, but growing kids may have enough strength, dexterity and curiosity to open the bottom pane. 
  • Never try to move a child who appears to be injured after a fall.  You can cause more damage, call 911 and let trained medical personnel move the child.
  • Consider using cordless window products in your home if you have young children or if they visit your home frequently.
  • Check all Roman Blinds and roll-up shades in your home.  Kids have been strangled while playing with dangling cords.  If looped pull cords, exposed inner cords, or exposed lifting loops are round, replace the blinds or shades with products that do not have exposed pull cords or inner cords.

 For more information about window safety and falls e-mail us at, or check out our website  National Window Safety Week is an annual program of the National Safety Council.  Visit them at

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