Most important meal of the day.

Magazines are a standard in our house.  Personally I read a bi-monthly, 2 monthlies, and a weekly, with a random Sports Illustrated thrown here and there.

Most of the mags I read have at least a few recipes in them.  And inevitably, some of them are “breakfast” recipes.


Parenting  seems to assume that a simple breakfast includes things like quesadillas, muffins, or smoothies.  Folks, maybe this is “simple” in your world, but in my world, those options would make my family suspicious.  Like, “what kind of trick is Mom pulling on us now?” suspicious.  Or possibly, they might wonder if they woke up on Christmas morning, the one time of year I attempt a “fancy” breakfast. (Muffins would probably be fine if I could plan ahead enough to make them.  But baking also makes my family suspicious.)

A simple breakfast to me is the one I grew up eating: boxed cereal with milk.  Is there suddenly something wrong with this?  If so, I’m passing on the evil to my kids, who have had mostly that for their short lives. (Just to clarify, my kids eat Cheerios, Rice Krispies, Frosted MiniWheats, Life…you know, kinda semi-sugar cereals. And FINE, Lucky Charms on special occasions.)  It gives me a warm little feeling of reminiscence when I see them building walls with the boxes, right before I yell at them to stop bothering their brother/sister/mother.

Except, of course, for the times I give them the same morning treat that my mom made us kids…chocolate Malt O Meal.  Yum.

But I have to admit that the pressure to give my kids a June Cleaver start to their morning is rubbing off on me.  Since we are staying at home in the mornings now, and aren’t quite as rushed as when we are trying to NOT have Leah late for school, I’ve decided that I might try some different breakfast options.

For instance, the last two years I have had to struggle with Ben to eat his breakfast.  It just seemed that he wasn’t ready to eat until about an hour or so after getting up…um…that didn’t work too well for our get-out-of-the-house strategy.  With our new flexibility, every once in awhile I let Ben have toast for breakfast instead of cereal + milk, which he says is too cold for his belly.

When the weather decides to get cold for reals, my plan is to try this recipe for crockpot oatmeal.  The kids love the instant stuff, but it’s so filled with sugar that if they want more than one packet, I make them use the plain, unflavored one.  Suck it, kiddos.  You didn’t have to harvest it yourself – count yourselves lucky.

Other breakfast options for normal-ish mornings at our house would include bagels with cream cheese, possibly yogurt & fruit, and for me…a toasted English muffin with ricotta & drizzled with honey.  And then some Greek yogurt.  My little mommy treat.

Any other suggestions for real-world simple breakfasts?  What do you eat at YOUR house?  Did you grow up building cereal-box walls around yourself, too?  Just to avoid you siblings LOOKING at you?

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2 thoughts on “Most important meal of the day.

    • I realize that there are healthier options out there, but until we can pour hard-boiled eggs (another of my favs, btw) and fresh fruit out of a box, I don’t see the boxed cereal being eliminated…speed & efficiency are just too greatly valued on busy mornings.

      For moms like me, planning & preparing a healthy lunch and dinner are big enough challenges, without the added expectation of breakfast, although we also feel kinda guilty about it…

      Also, even if kids are given cold cereal for breakfast every morning, if they are otherwise eating a healthy diet, I don’t think moms need the additional guilt trip. Encouragement and suggestions, sure. But there are so many OTHER things for moms to feel guilty about.

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