Half Of All Parents Are Men

Hi! I am a man. And a parent. Which exists. But not in the Fargo Forum. The new SheSays section has received a lot of backlash from readers, but I have yet to notice a reaction from the group with which I most strongly identify, the Dads.

It is ridiculous and insulting to pretend crossword puzzles and advice columns belong solely in the purview of females, yet the Forum has made a much more onerous error in deciding that parenting belongs solely to women.

How much damage has to occur in the lives of children before we awaken to the facts of our increasingly gender neutral society? Children need all the parental involvement they can get. Women working is not a brand new phenomenon, nor are absentee fathers. So how does ignoring and disparaging half of our parental population serve the interests of families?

The modern modes of parenting involve compromise and sharing the roles of breadwinner, homemaker, disciplinarian, and playmate. If I sound outraged, it is because my identity is closely tied to the idea of men as parents.

Sexism is real, and cuts both ways. Please consider what the reaction would be if the Forum were to re-title the jobs listings as “Working Men”.

The Daddy Dispatch