Recently, my seven year old daughter looked up from lunch and said, “Mom, I want to get my ears pierced.”


I looked at Aaron, and asked what his thoughts about that particular subject were.  And, as expected (because of course we’d discussed it briefly years ago), he said that he didn’t really have any issue – did I?

Thanks for asking!  Here’s what I told Leah:

* First of all, there isn’t a “right” time for piercing your ears…if you don’t do it now, you can always decide to later.
* Having pierced ears requires certain hygenic practices
*  If she DID decided that she wanted to start into the land of Jewelry, I’d require first to have 3 weeks of not having to remind her to comb her hair.  That seems reasonable, right?  I just don’t want to add ANOTHER morning task that I have to remind her about. 

I mean, seriously.  How on earth can it take her 20 minutes to get ready in the morning, and she hasn’t even touched her hair yet!  My efforts to shorten that amount of time have included sending her upstairs with an egg timer set for 10 minutes, and laying out 7 days worth of outfits.  It’s helped.  But I still have to remind her to comb her hair.

Here were her concerns:

Will it hurt?   Will I cry?  I don’t want to cry in front of everyone! –   Um, who is “everyone”?  It’s just the lady with the “gun” and us…and they are very familiar with kids crying afterwards.  It is painful, and yes, you might cry – I did!  Of course, my sister Ruth (who is 5 yrs younger and got her ears punctured on the same trip) did not.  So you never know!

When did you get YOUR ears pierced? –  Sixth grade.  Ruth got hers done in 1st grade.  BUT, she also let hers grow shut shortly after and never got it done again.

Leah then pronounced, very rationally, “Then I’m going to wait until SEVENTH grade to get mine done!”  Oookay – not sure if she thinks it’s a competition and she’s going to “beat” me by waiting longer, or if she wants to make sure it’s okay by following my lead.

In any case, no holes have been put in ears, and after a day or so of ruminating, no mention has been made of it since.

I posted a survey on the Modern-Day Jane Facebook page, and it looks like most girls have gotten their ears pierced in 3rd-5th grade, or when they turned 13.  This makes sense, as it’s kind of a rite of passage between childhood and becoming a young woman.  Plus, kids don’t care too much about their appearance until close to then anyway…RIGHT?

Although I have to admit that some baby girls look awfully cute with a little bling in their tiny earlobes, that was never even a consideration for me.  Our reasoning was, “When she wants to, she can,” but is now ammended to, “and when she’s ready to take care of it herself.”

And no, we are not even considering any OTHER types of piercings.

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