Dangers With the Morning After Holiday Parties

Parties and gatherings are common around the holidays, especially as we ring in the New Year.  Safe Kids alerts parents and caregivers to a few tips to keep kids safe during this festive time.  We share this information as taken from the National Capital Poison Center:

It’s the morning after your holiday party.  What do you see when you stumble into the daylight?  Dirty dishes?  Spilled drinks?  Poisoned children?

Prevent this nightmare from happening to your family.  After a party, and before you go to bed, take a few simple steps:

  • If hot or cold food has been out for more than two hours, throw it away.  Put other left-over food in the refrigerator.  Look around the kitchen.  Be sure that knives, openers, and other sharp objects are out of children’s reach.
  • Empty and rinse bottles, glasses, and cans.  Keep alcoholic beverages where children can’t reach them.
  • Be sure that all cigarettes and cigars are out cold.  Put them in a covered trash container.  Put other smoking materials, lighters, and matches where children can’t reach them.
  • Check for medicines or other belongings that guests leave behind.  If needed, lock them up where children can’t reach.

If you suspect a poisoning, call the National Capital Poison Center right away.  The 24-hour number is 1-800-222-1222.  The experts at the Poison Center will tell you exactly what to do, right over the phone.

For more safety tips visit our Safe Kids Grand Forks web site at www.safekidsgf.com.  You can also contact us at Altru Health System at safekids@altru.org.  For free Poison Control Center stickers or magnets, contact us with your mailing address and the number of items requested.

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