Safe Kids Grand Forks: Bath Safety Month

January is Bath Safety Month. Below is safety information to keep you and your children safer in the bathroom.

Every year, an average of 80 children drown in the bathtub. Children can drown in only a minute, often without coughing or splashing. Even children who seem to be safely secured in a bath seat can slip out and under the water.

To prevent drowning in the tub, an adult or responsible caregiver needs to supervise children under the age of 6. Gather all bath supplies ahead of time and make sure water depth is not above belly-button height – this is just enough water for washing and a little playtime.

Children have sensitive skin and can be scalded easily. A safe water temperature for a child’s bath is about 99 degrees F. To test the water temperature, caregivers can dip their hands in the water up to their wrists. If the skin flushes, the water is too hot.

Slips and Falls
About 120 kids are injured by slips and falls in bathtubs and showers every day. Most injuries occur in children under 2 years of age.
To prevent slips and falls, caregivers need to ensure that children do not stand or jump in the tub. They can also place bath mats or non-slip adhesive decals on the bottom of the tub. A non-slip rug outside the tub can keep wet children from slipping as they dry off after their bath.

Other Hazards
Other hazards can also endanger children in the tub. For example, electrical devices such as hair dryers and electric razors need to be stored away from the tub. In additional, an insulated cover can be placed over the faucet to prevent accidental bumps.

For more information, contact Safe Kids Grand Forks at Altru Health System is proud to serve as the lead agency for Safe Kids Grand Forks.


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About safekids

Safe Kids Grand Forks is an injury prevention coalition who has as their mission to prevent unintentional injuries to children under the age of 10. Safe Kids Grand Forks is one of over 600 state and local coalitions affilicated with Safe Kids Worldwide in Washington, D.C. Altru Health System is the lead agency for SKGF and our goal is to collaborate and coordinate activivies of all entities in the community who have childhood injury prevention on their agenda. Together, we are keeping the children of our community and region safe!!