Cute kids, crazy quips, tasty baby food and wrestling – Family blog roundup #6

Here’s another installment of our hand-picked, family-related destinations in the community. Enjoy!

Funny quotes, finances for toddler and Facebook-family info — Family blog roundup #5

Here are some recommended family-related blogs/posts from around the community. Feel free to recommend your own favorites by leaving a comment. Or you can e-mail them to me at or message me through AreaVoice.

– If you haven’t yet, you’ve gotta check out “The Crazy Things Kids Say…” It’s a blog devoted to reader-submitted accounts of the funny/cute/touching things children say. For example, one child, remarking on his cousin’s injured big toe said, “Oh-no. That’s the one that goes to market!” There’s lots more. And be sure to leave a comment with your own fun kid quote. Read it ==>

– The Forum is working with three area families to help them develop a more sound financial footing. Follow those families’ journeys and start your own ==>

– Feel like your children are speaking another language when they talk about social media? Do you have no idea what that previous question even means? You can wise up with “A Parent’s Guide to Facebook.”  ==>

– The Forum’s Sherri Richards, brave mother that she is, takes on “Money management for toddlers” ==>

A winter picnic, a 2-year-old’s time continuum, and some strange baby names — Family blog roundup #3

 Here are some recommended, family-related posts from the AreaVoices universe. Have other suggestions? Leave a comment and let us know what they are!

As a bonus, here’s a link to a Forum story about grandparents who are raising their grandchildren –>

Family blog post round-up #1

Looking for some interesting perspectives on parenting? Look no further. Here’s the first of an ongoing series of round-ups to help you find family-related information, insights and entertainment from the AreaVoices community.

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